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Business Analyst @ Fintech

Dashboard for Competitive analysis of Credit Card transactions

created with expert from
Ops Analyst @ E-Commerce

Optimising the profitability of last mile e-commerce supply chain

created with expert from
Sales Analyst @ E-Commerce

Hypothesis testing for decreased sales by analysing sales levers

created with expert from

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Top Analytics Experts, across domains and roles, mentoring, reviewing your work and helping you build Data Portfolio.

...providing analysts with easy access to diverse business problems, accelerating their career journey ...

Ramprasad Arunachalam
Sr. Manager, Marketing
Data Science
❝...incorporating core skills like Storytelling with Data in their Micro Experiences and thus helping its users learn critical real world skill...
Kumail Fazal
Associate Principal
❝...Great to see Micro Experiences develop Problem Solving through structured thinking and frameworks ...
Shivam Sinha
Head, Enterprise Systems
❝...exposing its users to data sets that give you the authentic flavour of working as an analyst ...
Priyanka Panda
Sr. Solution Advisor
❝...unique opportunity for aspiring analysts to create a domain-specific portfolio with high-quality problems ...
Rajdeep Singh Walia
Sr. Manager
❝...We have shared some of our most challenging problems with and can't wait to see solutions that come out ...
Prateek Singhal
❝...Don't get limited to just learning tools... apply your skills on real business scenarios with
Krutika Agarwal
Strategy & Operations
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1. Build skills that matter

Real world problems to build proof of skills that really matter

We have worked with industry experts and hiring managers to convert their day to day analytics problems into guided experiences.

These experiences will help develop your business domain understanding and strengthen your functional and core business skills

Learn about different business domains

Learn how different businesses like E-Commerce, Banking, FMCG, Logistics, Food delivery etc work to develop business context before you apply your skills

Build functional skills to work on Analytical tasks

From Data Cleaning to Transformation to Exploratory Data Analysis, learn how the tools are applied in real world.

Become top 1% with Core skills

Build your Problem solving, Analytical Storytelling and Insight building skills to stand out from the rest

02. Portfolio that proves readiness

Build a portfolio that gets through every shortlist

With each Micro Experience you build a Portfolio that showcases depth of your tool knowledge, domain understanding, analytical and core skills

Skill badges that are attested by proof of your real work

Share your portfolio and badges on LinkedIn or directly
with the recruiters

03. Get Mentored by Top 1%

Project review and Mock Interviews by top experts

1 on 1 mentoring sessions with top experts

Project and Portfolio reviews

Mock Interviews with hiring managers

Start building your Portfolio
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Start building your Project Portfolio

Choose from a collection of guided projects across roles and domains

Operation Analyst @ E Commerce

Analyzing excess payments to delivery partners

Help the Operation Analyst team of a last mile giant to solve complaints from their vendor partners.
Level : Intermediate
created with expert from
Operation Analyst @ Logistics

Optimise last-mile delivery planning for cost reduction

Optimise last mile delivery costs by improving last mile delivery planning.
Level : Intermediate
created with expert from
Business Analyst @ Fintech

Dashboard for analysis of Card transactions in India

Create a dashboard to analyse debit and credit card usage of different banks working in India.
Level : Intermediate
created with expert from
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Frequently asked Questions

How can we help ?

What is a Micro Experience? How is it better than a project?

Micro Experiences (MX) are real business problems and scenarios faced by organisations, converted into guided projects.

Unlike a regular project, through a Micro Experience, you Work on real business problems with real data and Learn core skills like problem solving, storytelling that organisations value.

Why should I do Micro Experiences ?

MXs help you stand out because they are designed to help you learn business relevant skills and build your confidence which won’t be possible through cookie-cutter projects and 100s of hours of courses.

What do get when I complete an MX ?

You build a proof of your skills that you are able to share to the world and recruiters :) .

Every time you complete a MX, you build a deliverable ( dashboard, model, app ) which can be reviewed by industry experts and becomes proof of skills that you can share with recruiters.

We will also help you build a sharable “Showcase collateral” where you talk about your approach to the MX, the problem you solved and skills you learnt.

Imagine the impact when hiring managers see these proof of skills on your CV/LinkedIn!

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