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I am beginner in analytics, can I join ?

Yes, you can.Programs are designed for absolute beginners and you will go through a structured path to become job ready as an analyst and land a job in Data Analytics.

Are there any requisites ?

No.There are no prerequisites other than a graduation degree. All we need is interest in analytics and willingness to learn.

What do you mean by Placement / Job assistance?

During the program we will continue to focus on all aspects of Interview Preparations - Technical Assessments + Behavioral Interviews + Problem Solving.
Besides helping you build a strong profile, at the end of each sprint we will take you through a mock interview process.
Post successful completion of the program we will help you get at least 4 interview shots with companies.

Can I do this along with my job/studies ?

Yes, very easily. This program is designed to ensure structured effective learning with both live learning with experts through scheduled sessions and working on Micro Experiences at your own pace.

Is this a live program ?

This is a live program where you will learn live from Industry Experts.
There are Micro Experiences which you will complete at your own pace after learning sessions.

I come from a non tech/non data background. Will I be able to transition into Data ?

Yes you can, folks in the past have been able to do so.
Our program is structured in a way to give you the most comprehensive and structured path to become an analyst irrespective of your starting point.

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