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What is a Micro Experience? How is it better than a project?

Micro Experiences (MX) are real business problems and scenarios faced by organisations, converted into guided projects.

Unlike a regular project, through a Micro Experience, you Work on real business problems with real data and Learn core skills like problem solving, storytelling that organisations value.

Why should do I Micro Experiences ?

MXs help you stand out because they are designed to help you learn business relevant skills and build your confidence which won’t be possible through cookie-cutter projects and 100s of hours of courses.

What is Skill age? How does it help me?

Skill age measures your ability to apply skills and is based on a proprietary formula.

Say you do a MX and gain 10 Weeks in SkillAge, it essentially means you have learnt and applied skills equivalent to an analyst working for 10 weeks in an organisation. Simply put you are now certified with skills equivalent to 10 weeks of actual work experience. 

Higher skill age implies that you are ahead of the competition and it also tells the recruiters that you are able to apply your skills instead of just learning them.

Never be a Fresher again!

Can I say I worked for 10 weeks and put it in as full time work experience ?

Full time work experience - No
Intern - Yes, but not with Amazon but with bluetick.

Check if your campus allows you to do portfolio projects during your internships, though most campuses do. If yes, we would be happy to give you internship certificate.

What do get when I complete an MX ?

You build a proof of your skills that you are able to share to the world and recruiters :) .

Every time you complete a MX, you build a deliverable ( dashboard, model, app ) which can be reviewed by industry experts and becomes proof of skills that you can share with recruiters.

We will also help you build a sharable “Showcase collateral” where you talk about your approach to the MX, the problem you solved and skills you learnt.

Imagine the impact when hiring managers see these proof of skills on your CV/LinkedIn!

 Will I get a certificate at the completion ?

Yes, if you are a premium member.

We only issue certificate if your work is validated by our team of Industry experts.

But, if even you a free user, you can self validate your work and update the achievement on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

What if I have some doubts or get stuck while going through the MX ?

We have taken inspiration from how when we started work, we always had a mentor/buddy we could always go to and ask for help.

MX are designed in such a way that you are never alone.

While each task in MX is defined in detail and there are hints to solve them, if you are stuck at any step, you can use the chat icon to post your doubts and we will get them resolved.

Is this a course ?

While this is not a course, through MXs you will learn a lot more than you would in any regular analytics course.

Through application you learn business and data skills that truly matter in the real world and build a showcase worthy portfolio that gets you hired.

Solve real world problems and build a proof of skills that recruiters trust.

Solve real world problems and
build a proof of skills that
recruiters trust.


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